dinsdag 27 maart 2012

Hi There,
I took my Camera and the EFS 10-22 to the beach yesterday to just film some at sundown.
Only my tripot's fluidhead wasn't that fluid at times and i wasn't to happy with some of the focusing esspecially when it got darker..maybee just because i didnt look well enough..or maybee my eyes are letting me down ..getting older :( but all and all i kinda liked the shots and the feel so i color corected it some in Adobe's Light room 4 and made this little sequesce
also i think it gives a good example of the EFS 10-22 im using...gotta love that lens 

vrijdag 23 maart 2012

We just got back from our first night flight with the Mikrokopter.
we used the 50MM F1.4 but found out that we had alot of trouble focusing with no light..
It was our first time and we were acctually just trying out how it would go..
not to good ...lot to learn still doing night shots from the sky's :)

donderdag 22 maart 2012

Yet another succesfull flight with the Mikrokopter Octo, we went down to the Windmill we were at this wintwr where the owner had told us back then that we could return there no problem...so we did.
we Used the Canon 60D and the EFS 10-22 USM to film this at 24f at 1920x1080

woensdag 21 maart 2012

Trying to achieve that lowlight film look on the street, i used the street lights as my source of light coming from the right and some small lights arround me from houses etc.Gave the Camera to my girlfriend and asked her to AutoFocus on me, then I Marked a spot on the ground where i had to stop walking so id be kinda in focus, then i asked her to walk arround  me after a few seconds of my arrival. So i walked away and came walking back.I used ISO 800 and a app value of 1.8 or 1.4   i cant remember then i color corrected it using Magic Bullet Looks and Did the Slowmo/speed-ups in After Effects.

dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Glide Track Hybrid Camera Slider

Heres a Video Of my new Glidetrack Hybrid ..a very cool camera slider.
In this video ill demonstrate how u put it together and ill give u a good overview of the product.


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