SYN-6 Hexa Flights and Tech

After doing allot of testing with the hexa i foundout that  the AXI 2826/22 motors are
not powerfull enough for a hex configuration with a cinestar and a dslr.. it does work but the motors get to hot in my opinion.
After flying with the AXI 4120/20 motors on the same hex frame i was allot more satisfied and the results are way better.
In an octo situation the 2826/22 will be ok i say and ive seen them on allot of octo configs
4120/20 on an octo will make it one of the badest octos arround ;)

Here you will find videos and info on my Custombuild Syn 6 Hexacopter using the Sony CX 740 and Canon 600D

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  1. Hi jacques,

    Nice videos, I watched a lot of them. I wanted to know what is the flight time with your hexa. And you said you have axi 2826 and you buy (for someone if i remember) axi 4120, so what is the difference with the hexa with the same camera T3I. What it's the flight time difference. Thank you.

    1. Hi there,

      Flight time with the big motors is arround 10 min with a sony cx 740 and Cinestar gimbal
      10000 Mah 6S
      With the same setup and the smaller motors arround 8 min on 8000 mah 5s

      its long enough in both cases...8 minutes is a long time to keep ur concentration span while filming.. :)
      Thx for watching