For Slide shots i gave been using the Glidetrack Hybrid HD 1 meter version.
I must say this slider is a real pro machine that does the job well, cool for indoor aswell as outdoor use for it has adjustable height thighys for uneven surfaces.

Main Camera i use is the Canon 600D (Rebel T3i) .If u ask me i think this is one of the best camera's on the market if u wanna start out filming with an Dslr camera.
Ive bought this camera like 8 months ago aand never filmed with a Dslr before.I think the camera is pretty eazy to understand and u can come to some real professional results if u work it right..

My beloved 50 mm f1.4 a super primelens a must for every photographer/dslr filmmaker
no zoom so perfect for learning how to choose your composition, a Low F number so great for lowlight situations and ofc the superb Bokeh effect that can be achieved with this lens(subject in focus with a blurred background)

The new Sony CX 740/760 we have is doing wonders...the stabilization of this cam is just amazing!!
Awesome cam for the regular jobs!

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  1. Hi Jacques, are your rigs (I use a 5dmkIII) built for sale? Or can I buy the same complete rig here in Australia? Cheers, Darren,