Ive decided to build myself a Super HexaCopter using the Wookong board
after months of resarch ive came to the conclusion that it was best to build it myself  and so i will.
here i will post pictures and text of my progress

I bought 3 meters of 20 mm Carbon Tube and cut  6 booms of 41cm long
then ive bought the CenterPlate set(round plates in the middle) from the AD6 HL from droidworks so i would have all the right holes etc for aligning the booms.

If i would have wanted to use the clamps from Droidworx to mount the booms it would have cost me 6x 32 euros wich i thought was redicilous so ive bought these for 30 cents a pair :)

They are thicker and i had to modify some of em but they fit real snug and i can use em for my motor mounts too!...wich are also like 35 euros a piece if id buy em from Droidworks.
Center Plate
Think ill make Alu motormounts that are attached to the 4 screws with the motor sitting in the middle...

Im looking at the AXI 2826/12 motors spinning 15 or 14 inch props and i think i wanna use Castle Creations ESC's Ice 50  and a WooKong Board and a AV200 gimbal from photohigher...
i havnt gotten these things yet and iam still conentrating on the frame atm..but once done i will be posting my progress on the electronic side of it all


recently i came accross these motor mounts!! these were the ones i acctually wanted but could not find...but yet i did find em...and they cost me like 9 euros each..to bad of the ones ive bought before...but they were only 30 cents a pair....so no harm done
Realy like these!!
I did have to make the booms a little bigger using take for the dia of my booms arre 20mm and the mount holes for the booms are 21.5mm but it wont be a problem for i just wrapped some tape arround the end of th booms to make em more thiker.

All my stuff has arrived! very exited!
will upload pictures soon!

here a glance at the motors ill be using

Here's how they look with the 14x5 wooden Xoar Props im gonna be Using

Here's a vid uptill now ...enjoy!
here are the new legs ive made together with a good friend who has a cnc macine and some cool 3d programs to design these kinda things

Finally my Cinestar Gimbal has arrived..this is sooo cool!...only there is allot of wind here in holland
so i cant really test out doors wich is very frustrating...There is no more nice weather here in holland and i think im gonna move within 2 years to a place were there is sun and little wind every day...

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  1. how much lbs can this Copter carry? along with its own weight?

    where can i purchase the electronics?

    1. Hi there Pakman..im hoping it will carry arround 11 kilos in total...motors are rated to produce around 2 kilos of thrust per motor...i havnt had a chance to weigh the copter yet but i will when i have the right batterys for it to...waiting on a shipment :)
      Also im still deciding what gimbal system to go with to..
      For about the equipment you can get most of it at ur regular RC dealer on the internet etc..
      good luck and if u have anyore questions feel free to ask


    2. Hi Jacques, excellent work u do!!
      My only doubt is how long can it fly with a 300 gram camera & the corresponding motorized gimbal?
      Many thanks & keep it up.
      Ricardo from Argentina.

  2. Hi.

    You have done a great job.

    Can you tell me where you got the boom and motor mounts?



  3. Hi there fot the boms i just buy Carbon Tubes bought mine at Carbonexpierence.com and the mounts i bought at quadframe.com


  4. Hallo Jacques,

    Hoeveel heeft deze hexacopter jou uiteindelijk gekost, met alles erbij behalve de Gimbal??

    M.v.g. Sil

    1. Ongeveer 2500 euro..met zender zonder accus gimbal en lader
      thx voor t kijken


  5. Hello, I'd like to know what is your total cost for this project please.
    Also an estimate for the time spent to build would be greatly appreciated.
    Have a nice day...

    1. hi there arround 2500 euros wookong,ESC's,Motors,props,radio,frame(custom build)
      excluding lipo batterys,gimbal ,lipo charger

      thx for watching


  6. Hi.You say in a video that you can build such HEXACOPTER. How much do you need to build such? Or you can share a shopping list for all components?

  7. Hi Jacques,

    i'm very imprested by your work, i'm looking for some times how to do an hexacoptere and your explenations are the best i have find on the web. U use very good components, its for me profesional job and i've seen all your videos, and eatch times i learn somthing new, so keep going on , let us dream looking your constructions !!
    thanks a lot.

    for your hexacopetre, finally what kind of motors and props do you use ? 2826/12 or taller ? thanks.

  8. Hi Jacques iam very impression which our job and build ours Hexacopters , id like now if you have some components list and suppliers.

    I am work whitch video prodution here in Brazil,

    best reguards,

    Robson Tavares
    green Produtions

    1. Hi there,
      Please see my face book for details!
      Thx for watching

  9. Hi Jacques,

    Please can you tell me witch Lipos you took on this awesome Hexa?
    4 pieces? Cause i also need new Lipos because of short flight time.

    Do you put all 4 Lipos together in series?
    And another question: where to get the big AXI Motors from (on the cheap if possible), you use at the Syn-6 Hexa?

    Best Regards from Austria

  10. Lipos i get at Hobbyking Nanotech 45-90 C

    Axi motors prizes vary...ud have to look for the best place yourself...

    Thx for watching


  11. Just love your build of the hexacopter. I have just started to order some part for a hex ( h.a.l. Hexacopter) from hobby king. Your motor and esc size is what I have adopted. I'm still looking for good flight controller , I believe the Wookong is the best but also the most expensive.
    Do you recommend any other flight controller? Or is that simply the best?
    I'm building one for the police force here in Australia . I'm using your hex as a good example.

    Bedankt voor de geweldige tips etc. Ik ben een Nederlander wn. Zit hier al vanaf 1995'
    Mooi landje hoor!,


  12. I am thoroughly impressed with your work, congratulations! Looking at your website, I’ve noticed that you are building increasingly larger frames. Very exciting and challenging. My interest lays in the opposite direction, smaller hexacopters. Before you started to build this frame, had you considered some of the readymade kits, like AD-6 HL or Turnigy Talon Hexa (625mm)?
    I am trying to get this Turingy frame kit with 320mm long booms for greater stability.
    The price is not too bad, comparable to what I’d have to pay for a selection of individual components.
    Another question is about your board.selection. Why did you choose Wookong over Naza controller? For what I can see Naza is doing almost the same as Wookong for half the price? (I’m standing for correction).
    And finally, how long did it take for you from start to the maiden flight to build your hexa. Cheers, John

  13. Hi john, im currentrly testing with a 60 size frame...maybee u like it..
    wookong is way steadier then the naza john....diffrent algorythm..
    took me like a week..i think it was

    if u have any more questions please ask em at my face book site... its eazier


  14. Hi Jacques!

    I sent you an e-mail about the hex.
    I am from Canada and I was asking you some stuff :)
    E-mail me as soon as you can, or message me on Youtube: Productionmark :)

  15. hi i was wondering if you can tell exactly how much the project cost. if possible can you please send all the part thank you.

  16. Hi Jacques! Really nice job. I'm looking for the clamps you hace used for my own project, but couldn't find them. I found the big ones (center plate), in a work shop close to home, but the small ones, those you use for the motor mount, there is no way I can find them. Could you tell me where you bought them? Thx. Carlos

  17. hoi Jacques!

    Geweldig om te zien hoe je zelf nu een hexacopter kan maken, waar je ook nog eens mee kan filmen. Ik heb zelf nu ook al een tijdje op internet gezocht naar informatie over hoe dit filmen precies in zijn werk gaat, maar bepaalde dingen zijn me nog steeds niet helemaal duidelijk.

    Terwijl je aan het filmen/vliegen bent zie je dan echt het beeld op een scherm naast je of zoiets, of richt je de camera maar ergens op en hoop er het beste van? Zou je misschien uit kunnen leggen hoe zo iets precies gaat?

    Bij voorbaat dank,


  18. Hi,
    Actually could you please list the names of the parts and their specifications..and purpose.. as i am interested in purchasing.

    Thank you,


  19. Good day!
    What kind of battery do you use, with motors ASI 2826/12, in this project?

    1) Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 4S 45~90C Lipo

    2)Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 5S 45~90C Lipo

    Regards, Alexander.

  20. Hello,
    Would you mind telling how much money you spent on this whole thing?